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The Front Range Passenger Rail District is a new taxing district created by the Colorado Legislature to study, design, operate, and maintain a new passenger rail line that stretches from Pueblo to Fort Collins, and will include Wyoming and New Mexico in the future. FRPR works with a wide variety of stakeholders, from CDOT to RTD to the general public to local governments all along the Front Range. 

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Front Range Passenger Rail District 

Senate Bill 21-238 created the Front Range Passenger Rail District for the purpose of constructing and operating a passenger rail system along the Front Range.  The District began July 1, 2022. 

What will the Rail District do?


The Board of Directors will work with stakeholders to develop a passenger rail service development plan detailing what a passenger rail line would look like along the Front Range. 


The District will work with local governments to create station area improvement districts that will drive economic and transit related development. 


The District will partner with Amtrak, private business, and/or government to create an efficient  alternative mobility option for the region.


The District will coordinate with RTD, and other regional transportation organizations to find clean operability between existing and future systems. 



Front Range Passenger Rail District Board of Directors

For information on the former Rail Commission, click here
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The Front Range Passenger Rail project will build on the many studies that have been conducted in the past on the Front Range to support the development of a passenger rail. Some of these studies include: 

- North I-25 EIS Commuter Rail Update

- Advanced Guideway System Feasibility Study

- Colorado Freight and Passenger Rail Plan

- Rocky Mountain Rail Authority High Speed Rail Feasibility Study

- ICS (Interregional Connectivity Study)

- FRPR Alternatives Analysis


North I-25 EIS Commuter Rail Update

Commuter Rail Update

Advanced Guideway  System Feasibility Study

Advanced Guideway System Feasibilty Study

Colorado Freight and Passenger Rail Plan

CO Freight and Passenger Rail Plan 2018.

Rocky Mountain Rail Authority High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study

Rocky Mountain Rail Authority. High-speed rail study

ICS (Interregional Connectivity Study)


FRPR Alternatives Analysis