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Front Range Passenger Rail District



Developing passenger rail that serves Front Range communities from Fort Collins to Pueblo is critical to Colorado’s future. FRPR will provide a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation option for travel between major population centers and destinations along the Front Range and create a backbone for connecting and expanding rail and transit options in the state and region.

The District will provide sustainable and reliable travel options to meet the growing needs of the state, supporting multiple transportation, economic, and environmental goals.

The Front Range Passenger Rail District is committed to a transparent and fully collaborative approach with the public, interest groups, and local jurisdictions. This effort is aimed at moving Front Range Passenger Rail from vision to implementation in support of sustainable, alternative mobility options for the growing Front Range.

How did we get here?

Plans for a comprehensive passenger rail system serving the Front Range have been under consideration for more than a decade.


In 2017, the Southwest Chief and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission (Rail Commission) was established and tasked with facilitating development and operation of a passenger rail service along the Front Range.


In 2018, the Colorado General Assembly provided funding for the Rail Commission to hire staff and retain a consultant team to lead this task.


In 2022, the Colorado General Assembly passed SB238 creating the Front Range Rail District, the successor organizatoin to the Rail Commission. The District is actively orgnizating and planning for the creation of passenger rail along the Front Range.  

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