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Alternatives Analysis

The Front Range Passenger Rail (FRPR) Project would provide a new travel option for Colorado Front Range residents and workers. As a new mobility option, FRPR would create an alternative to inter-regional travel on Interstate 25 (I-25) and provide a passenger rail backbone to facilitate expanded and connected multimodal travel in and among local communities. Providing safe, reliable travel options is essential for Colorado’s growing economy and population and is highly supported by Colorado residents and businesses. The recently completed Alternatives Analysis set out to clarify needs and opportunities of a FRPR system; develop, evaluate, and refine alignment and operational alternatives; and develop implementation strategies for FRPR to contribute to Colorado’s transportation infrastructure and provide travel, environmental, and economic benefits for the state and region.


Click here to read the Alternatives Analysis Report.


See below for the Appendices:

         Appendix A: Past Colorado Passenger Rail Studies

          Appendix B: Level 1 Evaluation Matrix

          Appendix C: Level 2 Evaluation Matrix

          Appendix D: System Design Criteria

          Appendix E: Level 2 Design Refinements

          Appendix F: Ridership Modeling

          Appendix G: Environmental Evaluation

          Appendix H: Cost Estimates

          Appendix I: Funding and Finance Options

          Appendix J: Governance

          Appendix K: Online Public Meeting Summary

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